giovedì 7 ottobre 2010

Guest NOTW – Born to be wild

“Like a true nature's child
we were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never want to die
born to be wild
born to be wild“
(Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild)


Ciao ragazze!
Hi girls!

Come avevo già annunciato in questo post, ecco qui le unghie di Gisella, roar!
As told in this post, I made something wild on Gisella’s nails!


IMG_9579 copia ridim

I used:

Essence - (sponged) (TE: Made with Love) 03 Love Of My Life
Revlon- Color Stay, Always Romantic
Got Beauty – Black


Mi strapiace! Appena possibile la rifarò sulle mie unghie!
I think it turned out great! I’ll do it on my nails asap!


Nel prossimo post aspettatevi qualcosa per Halloween :) 
My next manicure will be for Halloween :)

11 commenti:

  1. Fabulous! I love animal print nail designs, I think they are so fashionable :D

  2. Lovely nails, I am animal print lover :D

  3. Oh that's nice, it's not extreme! :)

  4. @Cel: Thank you, this is my first attempt on it so I'm quite happy :)

    @Dony: grazie"

    @Charming nails: I really appreciate your comment!

    @Stavroula: hihi :) yes, not extreme but quite wild ;)

  5. Oooh, pretty!
    You should totally try 'em on your own nails.
    Leopardddd :D

  6. @KarenD you're right! :)

    @AnnKiins' :) roar!

  7. Ma è una specie di maculato?
    Perché io adoro il maculato sulle unghie. :D

  8. @margue sìsì è maculato :)

    @Mymakeupmania: thnx girl :)


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