sabato 19 giugno 2010

Fab Giveaways

Yeah yeah I know my exam is on Monday so I must study buut… Here I am!

Thriszha is having a giveaway, the prices are two cute image plates… :) <3

Mai senza smalto is having a giveaway for her more than 50 followers :)

Lily is having a giveaway :) (tons of stuff!!)

Sarah’s Giveaway

Laquer Ware for tips and toes is having a 3 prices giveaway :)

Nea is having her giveaway

Babbling Brooke's giveaway is the biggest that I've ever seen!!! O_O and it's funny because on July 14th there will be one winner per hour!!

My nails are natural, with a clear nail polish. I’ll do a mani next week, maybe on Monday evening :)

See you!!

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