sabato 7 agosto 2010

Hello Mr Bugs Bunny



Hi sweeties :)

Today I’ve something that cartoon lovers would like :)

I felt inspired so I decided to try something “diffucult”… I surfed the net but nothing caught my eyes… then I looked at my desk and… Tadaaan!

 IMG_9297 copiaridim     IMG_9299 copiaridim


I used a thin chopped 00 brush and acrylic craft paint by Maimeri.


Here is my brush

 IMG_9306 copiaridim

(maybe it’d be better if I made a gradient with yellow… maybe next time!!)




Have a nice day :)

12 commenti:

  1. Wow! Just wow! It looks amazing and so cute :D
    Such a great idea and beautifully executed too.

  2. @ThRiSzHa : thank you, I really appreciate it :)

    @Cel :) I'm glad that you like it :)

    @'chelle <3 *hugs*

    @Soffio :) grazie mille Dea

  3. Better?..Uh no way!

    Its awesome just as is!


    You are very talented!

  4. @jackie S. :) I really appreciate :) thank you

  5. omg I love bugs bunny and the nail art turned out stunning O_O

  6. @Puranki Thank you, I'm glad that you like it!


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