giovedì 12 agosto 2010

NOTW – I’ve blue devils



Hi girls, sorry for my delay in posting something new here, but this week had been quite confusing and sad (this is the reason why I named this post that way). But now here I am :)


IMG_9311 copiaridim


For this mani I used

- Eyeko Indigo Nail Polish (french)

- Basic ( stamp)

- Essence 44 Fashion Victim (to add some light and bling bling )

- Konad Image plate m2

- Rhinestones


Have fun :) <3

7 commenti:

  1. Sorry to hear you've been sad Alice =( Hope things are looking up for you.

    This mani is gorgeous, I love french tips and it's very pretty with the konading!

  2. che carina e discreta questa manicure! Mi piace. :)
    spero che vada meglio adesso...

    P.S. ti ho risposto da me, non so se poi lo leggi allora ti rispondo anche qui: di Ciatè ho il giallino pastello, se ti interessa :)

  3. so cute!
    please visit my blog if you have time!

  4. carine ^^ io sono abbastanza negata :D

  5. Such a lovely manicure.
    I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling sad. I hope the week ends in a happier note.

  6. @'chelle: thank you, I'm feeling better day by day :)

    @Theallamenta: grazie mille, sì ho visto :) <3

    @maRyya: thanks for the visit, I visited your too :)

    @Des: :) ci vuole un po' di pazienza e un po' di esercizio

    @Cel: you are so sweet :) <3 thanks

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